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!@#$ were so rad its sick

We're just fucking rad. !@#%^&*
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This is another rating community that takes everything into account, looks, musical taste, and attitude.
Are you really rad? Find out here.



[01]. You CANNOT vote unless you've been accepted. DUH.
[02]. Don't be an arrogant bastard, whether you're in or not or else you're BANNED. Accepted members can be mean. After all, we're rating you. If you can't take criticism, DON'T JOIN.*
[03]. You will be accepted or rejected based on the majority of votes after two days.
[04]. You must use a lj-cut when applying. You have to put the whole applcation under the cut. If you don't know what you're doing, go here.
[05]. Once you're accepted you have to vote on other applicants. Let us know if you're going away.
[06]. You must post an application within one or two days of joining, please.
[07]. When you're answering the questions you must elaborate on your answers. DO NOT just say FOR or AGAINST.*
[08]. Once your accepted you can post anything you want, but you must put STAMPED in the subject line.
[09]. For stamped members, you MUST put YES or NO in the subject line so it's easier for me to count them.
[10]. For all the newbies applying, put AM I RAD? in the subject line of your post so I know you losers are reading the rules.
[11]. You must link us back in your userinfo if your accepted. This means you MUST have a text link or banner.
[12]. If you get rejected you can reapply after 2 weeks. Use this wisely.
[13]. If you are rejected with unanimous no's, meaning everyone said no, you MAY NOT apply again because we just don't like you and chances are we won't later.*
[14]. Whore this community as much as you can so we can get more members.
[15]. If you mess up on your first entry DO NOT make a new entry, go back and edit the first one.
[16]. No fake pictures. You will be banned. If your pictures are suspicious, we will ask for a salute.
[17]. If you say "Oh, I'll post pictures later", you're OUT. Have your pictures ready NOW.
[18]. Moderator and Maintainer votes count as TWO votes. You must put mod vote-YES or mod vote-NO in the subject line.*
[19]. Maintainers are the only ones allowed to BAN members.*
* new or changed rules


[01]. Your name:
[02]. Your age:
[03]. Your location:
[04]. Your hobbies:
[05]. Your top fifteen bands:
[06]. Your top ten movies:
[07]. Your top five books:
[08]. Your favorite place to be and why:
[09]. Your favorite tv shows:
[10]. If you could spend just one day with someone living, dead, animated, or famous who would it be and why:
[11]. Who is your role model and why:
[12]. What is your favorite lyric from a song and why:
[13]. If you could pick one song to describe your life, what would it be and why:
[14]. What do you like most about yourself and why:
[15]. What do you like least about yourself and why:
[16]. Humor us. Tell us a joke:
[17]. Whore the community and give the link:
[18]. Why do you think you're rad:
[19]. Give us an ego boost. Who's your favorite mod and why:
[20]. Post a 100x100 for our MEMBERS LIST:
[21]. Post some pictures of yourself:

And what are your opinions on..
[01]. Abortion:
[02]. Same sex marriages:
[03]. Straight edge:
[04]. War:
[05]. Suicide:
[06]. Smoking/Drugs/Alcohol:
[07]. President Bush:
[08]. Labels:
[09]. Posers:
[10]. Rating communities:

accepted/rejected members

>> with pictures.

the_vines .. _silentxheart .. stake_myheart .. hersundaydress .. eachnewday .. illburnforyou .. shesaloserbaby .. shortbusrejects* .. allisonengelhar .. loveoncamera* .. sick_n_twisted .. _hendecagon .. djnaughty .. __audiosex .. oneweekrecovery* .. the__killer* .. sad_but_true_ .. mixtapedorkrock .. constant_static .. xoxenchanted .. aintnoholiday .. xmilemarkerx .. thisisnotlauren .. 0not_ur_star0 .. flight_delayed .. aboardthebebop .. kweejibo69 .. uniquelynormal .. the1andonlyalex .. rape___scene .. stars_and_soda .. xpsychoxkatx* .. swankyskank .. midnightxxsun .. engraveddanger .. jigsaw__youth .. _rawr___ .. onesided_affair .. apoclypsenc17 .. ekim___ .. redsmycolournow .. kelectric .. heartstosand .. jasper0559
* mods

amylynn8946 .. ps_i_love_y0u .. vague_illusions .. twillightzone78 .. _hurt_me_ .. ____exitmusic .. i_lovefallingup .. paradoxgoodbyes .. neverland______ .. soberwinter .. burningtears89


accepted/rejected stamps

>> here.

promotional banners

>> here.